eLearning development

Exceptional digital learning experiences

Have you ever experienced eLearning that’s felt like this?

  • Long and over-complicated
  • Rigid and locked-down
  • Off-brand, cookie-cutter or templated design
  • Full of irrelevant or bland content.

If it’s made you a little sceptical of eLearning, I don’t blame you. But don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

The importance of the user experience

I’m focused on the importance of good digital learning experiences. Experiences that are memorable, engaging and keep learners coming back for more.

I improve the digital experience by threading user experience design principles into my process. And when the user research tells me it’s appropriate to incorporate technology into the learning experience, I make sure it’s implemented in such a way that it fits into a workflow seamlessly.

This empowers your learners to learn:

  • Anywhere
  • At a time that suits them
  • At their own pace.

My approach

What’s the learning design process?

Your knowledge + my design expertise. I’ll design a program that works by combining the knowledge and experience of you and your team, with my education expertise. I’ve finely honed my process to incorporate UX design principles with a focus on user research. Your learners are at the heart of every project.



I’ll start by getting together with you and your key stakeholders to identify organisational needs and together we’ll come up with goals for the project.

At this stage, it’s important for me to get to know your learners deeply to find out exactly what their needs are. This is usually done through surveys, interviews, focus groups and by reviewing existing data. You’ll receive my findings in a report with a suggested learning experience strategy.

This process makes sure we’re all on the same page before diving into the design.



Learning experience design
Here’s where I start putting pen to paper. If you already have content, great! I’ll review this. If not, I’ll work closely with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

I’ll use your content/knowledge and learning design methodology to map out a learning journey and create storyboards/scripts. This part of the process brings clarity, cohesion and structure to your content.

Visual design
We’ll also put paint to canvas here and create a beautiful visual design moodboard. This ensures our project aligns with your overarching brand.



This is the fun part! I’ll create resources and assets in the eLearning authoring tool(s) we choose. This is where you’ll see our strategy and designs come to life.

Take a look at some Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline and outside of the box portfolio examples.



This is when your systems teams get involved to make sure the assets work on your platform(s).

When we’re good to go, I’ll hand over the original assets and documents so you can continue to maintain them in-house.

Emma always kept the learner experience at front of mind

Emma is absolutely fantastic to work with and always kept the learner experience at front of mind. She was exceptionally flexible in dealing with some really challenging stakeholders and produced some fantastic custom learning content that will be used for years to come. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.

Sienna Scopel, Eastern Health

learning design examples


Learning design in action

Together, we can create thoughtful, learner-centric designs to achieve your organisational goals.

Take a peek at some of my past work.

Ready to make an impact?

Now’s the time to take your idea and vision and turn it into something that will benefit your organisation – inspiring your employees and learners in the process.