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Examples of work outside the box.

Sometimes what you really need might not look the way you imagined.

learning animation


Eastern Health wanted to modernise a suite of modules used within the employee onboarding experience.


  • Short and snappy animation focusing on the top 3 key messages.
  • Used as an awareness piece for existing employees and during the onboarding process.
  • Aligned the illustrations to those in the module suite for cohesion and recognition.


A fast food restaurant seeking a digital microlearning experience for their bullying and harassment training.

Solution – Web-app design including:

  • One-page scroll effect.
  • Gamification to determine pre-existing knowledge.
  • Learner-led interactions.
  • Reference-based, therefore, encouraging learners to utilise the resources available to them on the job.

Chatbot, Just-in-time Training

A supermarket chain requiring a way of training their employees on policies and procedures. They want something that is easy to update and distribute to a dispersed workforce.

Solution – Fully integrated chatbot including:

  • Data extraction from Sharepoint.
  • Instant communication via Microsoft Teams.
  • Social learning experiences.
  • Note: pricing details are examples only for this portfolio piece

Health and Wellbeing

A health and wellbeing solution for a small not-for-profit organisation. LGBT Collective had a small budget and don’t have an LMS.

Solution – Health and wellbeing campaign including:

  • Leadership endorsement video/animation.
  • Use of Microsoft Analytics to establish if working trends are supporting a health focussed business.
  • Ongoing learning drops using video conferencing, emails containing new information and scheduled initiatives using the calendar.
  • Supported by quick reference guides.
health and wellbeing training solution

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