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Learning Experience Designer

Hi, I’m Emma Pawson

I’m the kind of person who loves to go all-in on big plans.

I also believe that big plans need big structure, which is where learning experience design can help.

If you’re ready to focus on the needs of your learner (and have some fun along the way), I’m in.

About me

And how I can help you.

Who do I work with?

People with a purpose

I work with various clients across different organisations and industries. Regardless of your specific company expertise or requirements, I’m here to help you put your employees and learners at the centre of the process.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with healthcare professionals, educational institutions, not-for-profits and corporate entities.

Here are some of the things we have in common:


We welcome everyone to take a seat at the table, in fact, we encourage it. You fearlessly represent your end users and I represent and share my deep understanding of learners’ needs.


We hold space for different expertise and viewpoints so everyone feels heard. I find common ground quickly. I get to know you and your learner to achieve the best outcome.


We dig in to find juicy and meaningful content. We’re curious people so ask lots of questions to understand the landscape so we can better support our stakeholders.


We like to keep things easeful, in the way we interact and with our designs. I support you by keeping my process consistent and being personally involved at every touch point.

Highly engaging and professional individual

Emma was a highly engaging and professional individual. She was always approachable and her attention to detail and commitment to ensure a good end user experience made an easy transition for the teams she worked with… I would work with her again without hesitation, should the opportunity arise.

Mark Rafferty, WorkSafe Victoria

learning design examples


Learning design in action

Together, we can create thoughtful, learner-centric designs to achieve your organisational goals.

Take a peek at some of my past work.

Ready to make an impact?

Now’s the time to take your idea and vision and turn it into something that will benefit your organisation – inspiring your employees and learners in the process.