It’s all about

the experience

It’s all about

the experience

learning designer melbourne

Industry-leading learning solutions
for impact-driven organisations

Educational experiences have the biggest impact when they are meaningfully designed with your goals and learners at the centre.

So how can you put your best foot forward to make sure your training hits the mark?

With the support of a learning designer who creates experiences that:

  • Are memorable and digestible
  • Are thoughtfully structured
  • Are driven by actionable change
  • Engage with learner-centred content
  • Reflect your brand and core values.

How I can help you

You’ve got the insider knowledge, I’ve got the tools and the systems to make it happen.

Learning Experience Design (LXD)

The LXD process places the learner at the heart. It brings clarity to goals and outcomes to ensure we’re creating relevant, engaging and meaningful designs. This could include:

  • Audit and discovery
  • Hybrid learning experiences
  • Learning aids/campaigns


eLearning is one of the possible outcomes of the LXD process. We ensure these experiences are memorable, engaging and keep learners coming back for more. This could include:

  • Audit and discovery
  • Custom eLearning
  • Micro learning
  • Learning platforms/LMS support
  • Learning aids/campaigns


Learning experience design in action

articulate rise examples

Articulate Rise

This a key tool in my design process as it provides a beautiful, consistent and adaptive experience.

See the examples

articulate storyline examples

Articulate Storyline

Elevate your digital learning game with a bespoke module. This is the perfect tool to help bring your project to life.

See the examples

Other Solutions

Examples of work outside the box. Sometimes what you really need might not look the way you imagined.

See the examples

Emma made the whole process a breeze.

The learner was always at the forefront of her designs and she was able to offer guidance to allow us to get the most effective learning solution for both the learner and our business needs. I found her to always be approachable, flexible and everything was delivered on time and look forward to working with her again.

Sarah Thomas, SiteMinder

emma pawson melbourne

Hi, I’m Emma

Learning Experience Designer

I partner with you to create learner-centred solutions that not only educate, but motivate your learners by placing their needs at the centre.

My work is about so much more than meeting the needs of your end user. To do this I incorporate the human element into each stage of the project.

With 10 years of experience in education, I understand how people learn and use data to inform this. I’d love to work with you on a meaningful solution.

Make sure your training hits the mark

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